Our sustainable upholstery

Enschede Textielstad focuses on people, the environment and quality. All our fabrics are made from locally sourced and sustainable yarns. Our sustainable fabrics can be used for both fashion and interior. We produce on-demand, so as not to contribute to the waste problems in the textile industry. This also means that we are flexible in the possibilities.

Below is a selection from our range. Are you looking for a cloth with a specific colour, weave and/or composition? Please contact us, we are happy to think along with you.

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Enschede Textielstad X Soetekouw

ln collaboration with textile designer Roos Soetekouw, Enschede Textielstad developed the SURPRISE! collection. The collection won the award for ‘Best product’ at the 2019 launch at the Design District industry fair. The collection consists of colourful fabrics made of wool and recycled cotton. The fabrics get their colour from the recycled material in the yarns.

Base and Forza are suitable for upholstery. The fabrics can be used on both sides. The ‘Ziggy’ binding from the collection lends itself better to plaids & pillows and as curtain fabric.

For more information, request the brochure of this collection of interior fabrics and homeware.

Basic collection Panama weave

  • Warp: 50% wool, 50% viscose
  • Weft: 75% recycled cotton, 20% polyester
  • Finish: OEKO TEX 100 class 2 certified resin finish
  • Weight: approximately 480gr/m1
  • Width: ca 145 cm

All colours marked with * are available from (yarn) stock. Other colours are available depending on the delivery time of the yarn and the availability of the recycled raw materials.

Herringbone upholstery

These upholstery fabrics in a classic herringbone design are easy to combine with materials from our basic collection. This way you create a nice texture difference in your piece of furniture or the room you’re decorating. Below is a selection of colours that we have made before. Looking for a different colour? Let us know, chances are we can find a recycled yarn that suits your needs.

Canvas upholstery

Due to the weaving technique used, the fabrics below have a higher colour intensity on the front side of the fabric than our other sustainable upholstery fabrics. The canvas fabrics are sturdy and very durable. These fabrics are usually a bit thicker than our other upholstery qualities. Below is a limited part of our range. With almost all the yarns we have in stock you can also weave a canvas upholstery fabrics. So please ask us for the possibilities if you’re looking for a specific colour!

Linen upholstery fabrics

Linen is a strong, sturdy and beautiful material. Our unbleached European linen warp yarns can be paired with linen for a robust linen look, or paired with a coloured yarn made from recycled cotton or jeans.

Recycled denim upholstery textiles

Old jeans are mixed with organic cotton and spun into yarn. These fabrics are very sustainable, since post-consumer (worn) jeans are recycled into high-quality new fabric. Because jeans are worn and washed a lot before we recycled them into yarns, this fabric is less abrasion resistant than our other upholstery fabrics. It is very suitable for home use or for upholstering conference furniture or acoustic panels, but for very intensive use we would recommend a different material from our collection.